“What Not To Do” Video Tips

Video is where it's at! Here are some of the common mistakes made when putting together video content. Sometimes the best way to learn is to see "What Not To Do" - click here to sign up for the "How To Give Great Video" Online Course. http://goo.gl/m2q90J 1. The Uptalk - This is epidemic nowdays! What exactly is it? It's when a person ends every sentence with a question inflection. Whenever I hear uptalk, it always reminds me of the girl in American Pie (hence why I start with the Band Camp line). Whenever someone speaks to me in Uptalk, I think "Is that a question or a statement". Think how that effects your video viewers! 2. The Bad Angle - Another common mistake is to film with the camera below your face. Ooo, that chin, those nostrils! Listen, no one looks good at that angle. Ok, maybe a 22 year old model but even then, it's pushing it. Bring that camera up to eye level or above! 3. The Um & Uh's - oh dear, this one is bad. At best, it makes you seem unsure of yourself. At worse, people tune you out. The Remedy: practice, practice , practice! 4. The On The Go - there seems to be an urgency to get every thought in your head out right away. Which means tons of quick videos out there that make the viewer dizzy. If you need to get a video, make sure to stop, keep it steady.. and turn the camera horizontally! 5. "What are you looking at?" Eye contact. Everyone loves it. I know, it's tough to focus on that little camera, but it makes it sooo much better. Your viewer thinks you actually care about them! 6. The Clown - This one is for you ladies. Ok, for you guys too, if it fits. Yes, you will need a little more makeup for the camera. But not THAT much! PS. It took me forever to get that off my face after I filmed this video! Want to learn more? Check out the "How To Give Great Video" one hour online course
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