Weirdo at a Networking Event – A Story for #Introverts & #Ambiverts

So there was this big networking event that happened here in Denver recently. The host was one of my favorites in the social media world (Joel Comm) and featured one of my favorites in the social media world (Chris Brogan) who was also the reason I started my YouTube Show. And guess what. I didn’t wanna go. Because I’m a weirdo. Ok, actually I'm an ambivert (an outgoing introvert) but sometimes it feels like being a weirdo. Which means that usually by the time Friday night rolls around, I’m eyeing the PJ’s by 6pm, Netflix (or a good book) is queued up, and I'm fixin' to enjoy some #YayWine time. Mia’s Ambivert/Weirdo Facts:
  • People wear me out but I love hearing stories and talking to people.
  • I’m known for being outgoing which leaves me feeling all “mixed-message-y”.
  • I love parties and visits with friends but can’t wait for my alone time.
  • I often feel like I don’t fit in, but I love people who do.
So, back to the big networking event aka:  Social Media Shenanigans Meetup with Joel Comm & Chris Brogan 4/24 - I knew I was tired and talked-out since I had broadcast my show that morning and had also appeared on another show.  But I also thought: 'no way can I miss out on this – Joel has worked hard to put it together and brought some kickasserole people together". I had also been asked to interview people during the last hour of the event  (the drunk hour, how could I miss out on THAT?!) SO, here’s where the magic happened. I showed up and when you show up, good shiz shows up too! I reconnected with old contacts, hugged up on friends, met new friends, met a few people who have watched my show (that was neato) and CONNECTED. Which would NOT have happened if I stayed on the couch in my pj’s. (At least as far as I know)  And then of course, guest speaker Chris Brogan talked about being a weirdo (I mean, come on, the guy DID write “The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth" - Duh!) Boom, once again I was reminded to get outside my Ambivert Comfort Zone and JUST SHOW UP.  And I got to give Chris a big bear hug of thanks for being an inspiration. Since I subscribe to Chris’ newsletter, I received a great info bomb in my Inbox this morning. I won’t give away all the juicy details (because you too should subscribe to Chris – he sends the best newsletters every Sunday morning)  but here’s a little tidbit:
Actions You Can Take: Every single day, if you could have even a baseline of using media and community to earn more customers, could you do just these three things?
  1. Create some piece of content, however brief, that helps someone else move the ball forward in some way? It can be two hundred words on a blog post: “How to fix that leaky faucet without our expert plumbers.” 
  2. Look around and see if there’s even one person you can help (not necessarily a customer, but someone you can help). (There’s always someone looking for something at The Secret Team.)
  3. Promote someone other than yourself for the great work they do. 
Listen, I'm not a plumber (no plumbers crack here) but hopefully this helped someone out there who is an ambivert or introvert. Here's my final advice:
  • Go forth and Celebrate Your Weirdo
  • Get out of your comfort zone. AOAFP (as often as @#$ing possible!)
HUGE shout of thanks to Joel Comm for pulling off that shindig! I know you had a good team of peeps helping but you are the reason it came together so well, so fast, so fabulously! CDaFc2MUsAA0qqP (1)   And here's how I'll be for the remainder of the weekend: introvert-social-hangover
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