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Mia Voss is an entrepreneur juggling several great ventures that all have one thing in common: building a stronger community. Best known for her YouTube program, The Mia Connect Power Chat, Mia’s main focus is on providing great programming and connecting her audience to the people & businesses they need to know. Mia's current ventures include Tell Your Story, producing interview style video marketing promos for entrepreneurs & businesses who want to get noticed. The Mia Connect is an online brand of programming that connects you to the people & businesses you need to know! Using the power of YouTube and Google Hangouts, we offer several programs as well as host/moderate programs for Brands and help them build their online content: Featured Shows: The Mia Connect Power Chat - Each episode has a different twist and showcases innovative thinkers, social influencers, community game changers & more. The Food & Booze Show - Cohosted with Chef Dennis Littley, ww bring you adventures in eating and drinking from around the FoodBoozeGooglePlusBannerglobe! Join us and #GetYourGrub on as we introduce you to new restaurants, dishes and drinks. Brand Host:  I work with brands & companies who need help establishing their brand and building online content using YouTube, Google Hangouts & online marketing products.  #HangOutHostForHire For more information on Sponsorship & Brand Ambassador Opportunities, email info@themiaconnect.com Screenshot_10 Mia's Crazy Background - "The Accidental Entrepreneur" - Mia's journey of entrepreneurship began back in 2001 when the thriving economy posed an opportunity for her to start a niche business in Denver. Moving away from the corporate world, Mia formed TMC Services (formerly Blue Heron Consulting), an inspection business working exclusively with architects & developers on high-end projects throughout the US. What began as an accidental need turned into a long-standing business that is still in operation. F10552397_516089055188431_8710259150768672473_nast forward to 2010, a time that facilitated severe change for many a small business owner and TMC Services all but shut down when construction projects slowed to a trickle. The extreme turn in the national economy posed another challenge that turned to opportunity. The offer to start the local chapter of CRAVE Denver gave Mia the chance branch out & become more involved in the community. CRAVE is a national group that supports & promotes women-owned businesses in local communities and the CRAVE movement in Denver is wildly successful. The first edition of CRAVE Denver was published in February 2011 and the 2nd Edition hit the streets in June 2014. The unique experience of discovering local women business owners lead to the idea of further promoting ALL businesses in the community and connecting them all together. Thus, the idea of strategy, collaboration & The Mia Connect began. Her mission is to nurture the idea of community, collaboration and strong business ideals! An Illinois native, Mia arrived in Colorado in 1995 by way of NYC. And Denver is definitely her favorite place to be....


  • Be a cheerleader for the things you love
  • Think globally, act locally
  • Collaboration is the new competition.
  • Work smarter, not harder


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  1. Yasine Aguig says:

    Mia I’ll follow you anywhere,but I won’t come to Denver…Thanks to HOA 🙂
    Thank You for Sharing YOU 😉
    +Yasine Aguig

  2. stephen Q shannon says:

    Not sure I was successful in signing up above as the “button” did not react when I clicked on it to subscribe as you invited me to do earlier today during the Boffo Bootcamp.

  3. Hi Mia,
    What a pleasant surprise to be here,
    Though I have been around for sometime now,
    Somehow I missed this informative page.
    Today again happened to be here on these pages
    and I landed here. Hey good to know a bit more about you the wonderful personality.
    Nice to see you the other day at the latest hangout. and I am so glad for the mention of me.
    That was really a wonderful show. You all were really rocking.
    Waiting for the next show.:-)
    Keep it up.
    Keep doing
    Good wishes
    And Season’s Greetings
    Have a great and blessed weekend
    ~ Phil

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