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  As part of the #MiaOnTheGo Experiential Ambassadorship, we present the "Oh The Places You Should Go" Travel Blog Series: Tales of Italy - a media coverage trip that included amazing sights, food, wine, stories, new faces, real life meetups, adventures and connection. Big shout of thanks to the amazing Brand Sponsors Winerist. Pio Dal Cin and Casa Chiesi Next Up: Venice DSC_7714 (2)
Even in bad weather, Venice is a sight to behold. My Italian Ambassador, Pio Dal Cin continued the Veneto region tour with a full day of fabulous!  Venezia is a city of 117 islands that is steeped in a turbulent & fabulous history. Even in rainy weather, it’s fantastic!DSC_7710 Located in the region of Veneto, the entire city (including the lagoon) is listed as a World Heritage Site. What does that mean in real time? As a tourist, it means that every single thing you see, touch and walk on is of historical importance. I mean, come on, this is the birthplace of Vivaldi – talk about historical. Favorite Spots: #Burano - When it comes to this little island, I can't do better than the description from Pio, a local Local! 
"Burano is the real essence of a Venetian experience. In this part of the Venetian Lagoon is where it all 2015-03-26 11.48.41started.Call it "Native Venice" call it (like I love to do) a photographers' and painters' Paradise. As you walk around in this wonder, you'll smell the fresh seafood, the freshly baked bread and pastry. You'll see older women knitting in an old fashioned way that is taught from generation to generation on a mother-daughter way that is not written anywhere for it is an island's secret. Next time you'll visit Venice, make the effort of taking a water bus (vaporetto) and plan to spend a whole day here. Quiet and silence broken only by the daily noises of the fishermen and the people doing their trades. The light will change the contrast and the warmth of colours as the day grows older and if you did not bring that extra battery for your camera you'll realize how much you are going to need it, for you'll have a thousand and more in less that two hours. Every corner here is a story, a shade, a colour, a situation worth the capture. At the end of the day visit #Venissa from #Bisol  just across the bridge on the Island of Mazzorbo"
DSC_7541 Speaking of Mazzorbo!  We were able to tour my new favorite place in the world: Venissa, the brainchild of winemaker Gialuca Bisol (yes, that same Bisol that I visited in Valdobbiadene)  Mateo of Bisol was so gracious to tour us through this DSC_7476 hidden gem. The island has a 13th Century monastery, vineyard that produces the amazing Dorona, derived from the Golden Grape from the age of the Venetian Doges. This grape variety almost became extinct and after centuries of history, only a few of the vines were left and reclaimed by the Bisol family. The vineyard, hotel & restaurant that celebrates every part of the island. We had DSC_7646lunch at the Venissa restaurant which was unbelievable! The fish and seafood are of the highest quality, combined with fantastic seasonal vegetables that are mostly grown in Venissa's own organic garden, or on farms on nearby Sant'Erasmo island. And then there is this... Venissa is Zombie Proof Now, back to the Venice that everyone knows: Grand Canal – What a water drive! On all sides, there is nothing but architectural eye candy. Even normal homes appear to be a museum. Since this is a massive historical sight everything is old and cool as shit. How’s that for a verbal explanation of one of the most amazing cities in Italy and Europe. As an American in Italy, it really was an overwhelmingly beautiful place to behold. 
2015-03-26 16.25.25

Venice Shiny

2015-03-26 16.30.21

More Venice Shiny

2015-03-26 16.32.32

More Venice Fabulous

                        St. Marks – The most touristy of tourist spots yet I still felt like I was in my own little world of history. Fueled by stories from Pio and Lisa (an art major from the area, how lucky to have her along) as well as the tales told in the documentary I watched prior to my trip, this is one crazy ass place to visit. The Jewel of Western Civilization hides a scary past of violence. The Bridge of Sighs always held a draw for me ever since seeing A Little Romance back when I was a teenager. And then you hear the story of why it’s called that; the last view for prisoners on their way to the  on his way to execution. Coined by Lord Byron as a translation from the Italian "Ponte dei sospiri" in the 19th century, comes from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice.  St. Marks Basilica itself and the surrounding area was a sight to behold! 20150326_162921-PANO (1) My cats Bob & Lily decided they wanted to hang out here in the Astral Cat Plane at the Bridge of Sighs ODSC_7747nce you venture away from the canals, the city itself is a maze of side streets, shops and restaurants that is beyond comprehension. Winding our way back to our drop off spot, you almost forget you are in Venice until you happen upon a canal. Seriously, this city is as authentic as it looks in photos, movies & ancient lore. NEXT UP.... ROME!
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