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As part of the #MiaOnTheGo Experiential Ambassadorship, we present the "Oh The Places You Should Go" Travel Blog Series: Tales of Italy - a media coverage trip that included amazing sights, food, wine, stories, new faces, real life meetups, adventures and connection. Big shout of thanks to the amazing Brand Sponsors Casa Chiesi and Winerist Next Up: Treviso & Veneto!  

Fashion Forward with Pio

After touching ground in Milan and digging in for a few days, I ventured west to the region of Veneto in Prosecco Country! This 2nd leg of my journey was the busiest part of the journey, all thanks to my Italian Ambassador, Pio Dal Cin. I met Pio on Google Plus two years ago and we’ve been plotting my trip to Italy since then so this venture into his home region was beyond exciting! Thanks to Pio, I had thorough tour of the Veneto Region. Geographically, here's the breakdown for Italy: Cities are located in Provinces which are located in Regions, in the country of Italy.  For Americans, it equates to a city, in a county, in a state in the US. Simple, right?! 
The region of Veneto is situated in Italy's northeast and extends from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea, by way of an expansive range of hills and a valley furrowed by rivers, canals and the Po River Delta.  The Province of Treviso is still called by its ancient name “Marca,” a Medieval term used to indicate the borderlands that during the First World War were the backdrop for heroic events. The area is marked by the waters of the Piave, Sile and Livenza Rivers, charming fluvial landscapes that intermingle with pretty hills and thriving fields that are dotted with elegant and stately homes. 

Celebrating Proscecco Country

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Seafood - it never gets old!

Ca Del Poggio in Conegliano – Ooooo, an amazing hotel, resort AND restaurant – all in one spot and placed atop a hill with the most amazing views. After traveling from Denver to New York City to Milan, the Treviso region, and Ca del Poggio in particular, was quite a welcome treat. The hotel itself was spectacular – classic design with new interior finishes. The lobby and breakfast room and patio are amazing – EVERY spot in the hotel has a fantastic vista view. We had the privilege of to spend time with the restaurant staff which included a kitchen tour – the most amazing behind the scenes view followed by a fantastic fresh seafood lunch. This is where I realized that every dish consumed in Italy has a story and a purpose. Each chef I met put such care into the food. Luckily, the fat pants were not needed.. YET!
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The best seat in the house

Villa Toderini – Codognè -  a delightful 18th Century Villa that’s been turned into the most lovely bed & breakfast tucked right in the middle of town! Pier Luca and his wife Viviana are warm & welcoming – the ultimate hosts! The daily breakfast was waaay beyond the usual B&B fare – the fat pants were sitting on the side waiting. In case you are Agriturismo - a combination of the words for "agriculture" and "tourism" in Italian - is a style of vacationing in farm house resorts codified into Italian law in 1985. An agriturismo vacation is suitable for the whole family and some places even be very romantic or luxurious.   Wineries & Restaurants
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Winery Andrea Da Ponte – a family owned Prosecco & Grappa business. You MUST visit this distillery! Ella Fabris is the sister force behind Daponte. Her passion for grappa & prosecco is contagious! OH, and here’s another treat – DaPonte is one of first one to pioneer environmental sustainability in its production processes, starting from the installation, in 1983, of biomass boilers;. I’m excited to see them again in October during the harvest season. 

A room with a view

Bisol – Prosecco in the heart of Valdobbiadene in the hills of Cartizze (some of the highest price vine acres you’ll find in Europe). Michaela and Valentino were our guides for the day and I got to tour the entire facility which really put a fun spin on “How It’s Actually Made” – makes you appreciate everything from the bottle to the label to that little wire cage that goes over the cork! Our guide Valentino shared an amazing amount of information during the tour - suffice it say, the company and land are steeped in rich history. The land has been in their family for 21 generations – amazing! And Valentino has a wicked sense of humor which really made the tour so fun. Bisol is one of the leading producers of #ProseccoSuperioreDOCG   a "niche" Prosecco that is exported in 70 Countries around the world with over one million bottles a year and for the first time this year has surpassed champagne in export. And, of course, we had a wine tasting at the end including a fabulous organic wine.  DELIGHTFUL! 

Da Lino's Famous Copper Pots

Da Lino A hotel/restaurant famous for the copper pans hanging from the ceiling! A charming spot where many Italiantheater actors visted, this spot in the town of Solighetto. The area feels like it’s set back in time.. in a good way! I went regional and had the fegato alla veneziana  aka liver venetian style. So glad I did!  Incredibly tasty. But nothing topped the tour of the wine cellar –it was a wine mecca.  #Heaven Ristorante Mela Cotogne – Codogne:  A charming little unassuming restaurant that bases their menu on the local herbs. Since I’m from Colorado (but don’t imbibe), I of course had to translate that meaning! I loved how the wait staff explained each dish and the herb components. Codognè Latteria di Roverbasso – wow, they sure know how to cut the cheese at the local "Latteria" aka Cheese Factory of Roverbasso where eleven million liters of milk are processed every year. The production of the cheese translates into 196K rounds of cheese every year or 600 rounds per day.  Other Sights to See:

More Clinkies!

  Teatro Accedemia Theater – Giorgio Fabris, brother of Ella, owns two amazing theaters in Conegliano –one is a new state of the art theater and the other is a classic theatrical center that is breathtaking. Both are the heartbeat of the town!    

Can't wait to return to Codognè

Special thanks to the Mayor of Codognè, Roberto Bet. He and his amazing wife Lisa welcomed me to the town with a city flag, a lovely ceramic apple (that doubles as a fabulous whistle!) and books on the town history. I’m brainstorming to figure out a way to find a sister city for Codogne here in Colorado!      
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View the full photo album here - #EyeCandy

Up next … Venice!
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