Influencer Series: @RyanHanley at #SMMW14

Continuing the Influencer Series from the Social Media Marketing World Conference 2014 in San Diego, I present: Ryan Hanley. Let's get this out there right away:  Ryan is much taller than you think. And I found this out when we met up at conference and had a quick chat about what he's up to (beside being 6'4") Ryan is all about Content Marketing, Social Media, Content Strategy, Google+ for Business, finding your art and anything related to building valuable relationships online. As you'll see from the interview, Ryan has different personas that he effectively manages every day: he's a content warrior, podcaster, Google Hangout showhost, Director of Marketing for an insurance agency and more. His goal: to help brands & businesses find their audience, tell their story and win the battle for attention online! You can read the full conversation below or  click here for the Podcast


Mia: I'm here with Ryan Hanley and if you don't know this guy you should. He is with Content Warfare and he has been on The Mia Connect Power Chat & now he's here at Social Media Marketing World & soaking it all in.  Tell us who you want to meet?
Ryan:  I have a secret list - we just met Michael Stelzner, he was touring his family and I had to get in there for the handshake. Once I got the eye signal I had to go for it.
Mia: ...and he had no choice!
Ryan:  Yes, it was an "i'm going to interrupt your life" moment.
Mia:  Who else do you want to meet?
Ryan: Martin Shervington, he is a good buddy of mine and I'm looking forward to spending time with him. He gives me a lot of advice on my own business.  I met Ian Cleary - he's fantastic.  I'm also really looking forward to meeting Jay Baer & Joe Pulizzi. 
Mia - I'll give them a heads up if I interview them before you meet them. And Ryan is really tall so you won't miss him.
Ryan - Right, I don't look 6'4" in my hangouts.  And I'll do the "eye thing" and go in for the handshake
Mia: Ok, so you are not presenting this year but, if you had a wish list for a presentation, what would it be?
Ryan:  Social Media Marketing World added a content  marketing track this year - I would love to be a part of that and talk about the basic principles that transcend every platform. This is what I teach in my own work and what has made my  insurance agency successful. I would want to start at the basics.
Mia: Here's a good question: do you think people understand that you have the insurance background? Is it synonymous with you and your message. It's such a cool niche.
Ryan: People in the insurance industry obviously know me that way. Joey Giangola is here with me as well and he rocks Google Plus and is an insurance agent as well. People in the insurance agency, they know this is my shtick but outside of the industry, I'm known more for Content Warfare.
Mia: How do we find your podcasts online?
Ryan: If you Google "content warfare" you will find me - you can't miss it
Mia:  So, with the insurance industry being so regulated, is that a problem with social media?
Ryan: The financial industry is locked down but the insurance industry is a little better. As long as you don't say anything dumb or make any guarantees, or talk about any clients specifically, you'll be fine.  Don't say "if you buy this, this will happen" Everything I talk about with Content Warfare, I also embody the work that we do at the agency. Not everyone gets to see it because it's a small local agency and really geared for the 50 mile footprint but its very successful in that space. But its not like you'll see it a 100 miles away.
Mia: Do you feel like Google Plus has gotten you visibility? I know for myself that G+ is what has given me visibility outside of "The 303" (my buzz phrase for Denver).
Ryan: Yes, Google Plus has been huge and especially Google Local when it integrated with Google Places. Optimizing that local presence and mixing in YouTube videos, which, essentially, I would consider Google Plus and YouTube the same platform with the way they interact.  YouTube has been enormous for us and Google Places/Local as well. For a small business you have to be there.
Mia: Absolutely. So we are going to put it out to the Universe that you are a presenter at SMMW15 but what's next up for you?  What's coming down the pike.
Ryan: I have a bunch of cool guests coming onto the Content Warfare show (Editors Note: I was one!) I have not announced any of them yet but I"m excited about it. I have a couple of speaking gigs coming up. 
The conversation then turned to the difference between the East coast & West coast, fist bumps and a shout out to Ryan's wife whom he affectionately refers to as Shorty! Make sure to check out Ryan's Google Hangouts  and his Podcasts - it's a full robust program of fabulous content. And hey, let's hope we see him on stage next year at Social Media Marketing World 2015. You can also watch it on YouTube - you'll get to see Ryan briefly sporting a tiara!
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