Influencer Series: @GideonShalwick at #SMMW14

Continuing the Influencer Series from the Social Media Marketing World Conference 2014 in San Diego, I present: Gideon Shalwick. He was one of the first people I had the pleasure to sit and chat with and what a charming & gentle soul he is! Fresh off the plane from Australia, Gideon talked with us about his excitement at participating in the conference as well as the new direction of his business. Here's what Gideon is all about:  A pioneer in YouTube who has held his own in the platform since 2006 (which seems like the stone age when you think how quickly things progress), Gideon has produced a ginormous amount of helpful content that helps individuals and small businesses with video editing, marketing tips, internet marketing and more. In other words - how to produce YouTube content that attracts customers & buyers! With over 26K subscribers, his video tutorials are entertaining & succinct. One of my favorites is "Ugly Thumbnails" - we've all been victim to this!  And then there is his accent - listen closely, he has a bit of an international hybrid mix going on. Check out the interview & soak up the great info: You can also check out the full podcast & transcript here: soundcloud gideon For more information about Gideon Shalwick – check out his website and make sure to subscribe to his.. you guessed it.... YouTube Channel! If you missed the whole convention but would like to check out Gideon's presentations as well as all the other speakers, go to Social Media Examiner Virtual Tickets site. Big shout of thanks to my HOA Street Team cohorts Christine DeGraff and Ben Fisher and our remote team members Ronnie Bincer & David Oldenburg.  And of course, our major Street Team Sponsors: (use the code #BCCapproved for a 20% lifetime discount) and Circloscope as well as the sponsor contributors.  For more information on upcoming street team events & for a list of all interviews, check out the Google Plus Page and YouTube Channel.
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