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Time for another, "The Mia Connect Power Chat"! This week we discussed Food, Health & Fitness with Jean Layton, Orleatha Smith, Bob Choat and Larry Fournillier. Jean Layton- Geeky Food Focused Doctor educating with social media, Gluten-Free Doctor, Guide to Google Cookbook Author, Naturopathic Physician, Technical Challenge manager, and Urban Hippie Farmer. Larry Fournillier - Private Chef / Hangouts On Air(HOA) Presenter and Producer,  seasoned and experienced chef with a systems analyst background. Bob Choat- Peak Performance Coach & Trainer, Public Speaker, Writer, and Fitness Coach. Orleatha Smith- Holistic Lifestyle Coach / Food Blogger, Wellness Change Agent, Gluten-Free, Paleo Template Pro Skills and Master Kitchen Ninja. Larry Fournillier was telling us how he grew up with his family in the Carribean. They were able to grow their own food. Larry`s family did this out of necessity. Once again growing your own food is a necessity for families as the quality of store bought food goes down and is laden with chemicals. Also food inflation is affecting families as the cost of most staples has increased dramatically over the years and incomes have not. Health and Fitness with Larry Fournillier Orleatha Smith and Jean Layton both are strong advocates against gluten in our diets. Orleatha says, "the wheat that we now eat is not the wheat of our ancestors". This is causing havoc on our bodily systems. Jean and her family have been gluten free for many years and has seen a huge improvement in the health of her family. Bob Choat remembers that there was a big change from the kind of wheat used back in the 60`s. Health and Fitness with Bob Choat I asked, "How do you balance your lifestyle and still eat healthy?" Jean Layton says, "You cook your own food, you make what you want". Orleatha Smith says, "I first made the change for myself and my kids and once my husband saw the positive changes he wanted to be part of it also". Larry Fournillier says, "In our family coconut oil was used and I do not eat any processed foods". Orleatha says, "shop at your farmers market to keep your costs down". Bob Choat says, "learn to eat from the yard, our yards can be full of foods". Health and fitness takes self education! I asked, "what is batch cooking?" Orleatha Smith says, "this is how I save so much money, I batch cook which is prepping all my meals for the week on Sunday". Larry says, "he also batch cooks which saves time". One great aspect of batch cooking is that many foods are better a few days later because the flavors enhance with time. Jean Layton brought up gut flora. She says, "you need to have a healthy gut, fermented foods are great". I asked, "how do you make the transition into a healthier diet lifestyle without getting overwhelmed?". Jean's advice is to "start by switching to one more vegetable per day".  Try to always add vegetables to every meal. It helps you feel full and feel great. Bob Choat says, "make it fun and think like a hunter gatherer, why not walk to the grocery store?" Incorporate exercise with your gathering of food. Larry says, "to make the transition from salty foods, try using aromatics like basil, turmeric, garlic, onion, carrots and cilantro they are cheap". Jean Layton says, "learn to grow your own food". You can even use food stamps to buys seeds today. Larry pointed out that "Trinidad now subsidizes personal gardens". Take control of your own food supply. Time for #BatCrapCrazy: Bob Choat is #BatCrapCrazy about natural movement. Bob's call to action for us: Get up and move your body! @bobchoat | Orleatha Smith is #BatCrapCrazy for her family and recommends not eating anything that is packaged. @LevelHealth | Larry Fournillier is #BatCrapCrazy about Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.  His call to action for us all? Get rid of processed food. Jean Layton is #BatCrapCrazy about people talking about real food. Her hashtag sign is #EatMyOwn and her call to action for us:  grow your own food.  @DrJeanLayton I am 110% #BatCrapCrazy for The Oscars this weekend!  It's my version of the Superbowl! Come on over & watch the Oscars with me on 3/4/14 and if you miss it, click here and you can watch anytime! Make sure to join us every Friday for, "The Mia Connect PowerChat". Here's a shoutout to the Fab Audience participants!
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2 comments on “The Mia Connect PowerChat Food, Health and Fitness
  1. Kim Bultman says:

    Listening to your replay as I type, Mia. Thanks for your “post-it note” re-cap above — I’m a sucker for clever eye-catching graphics. 😉 Also, health (or redefined/re-educated health) is what makes living each day vital in “real” life. You truly are what you eat! (Plus you live longer and enjoy more.) You & your guests were entirely on track in this HOA. Many thanks!

  2. MiaVoss says:

    Thanks Kim! I had so much takeaway from this hangout as well!

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