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What Not To Do Tips for Video

Video is where it's at! Here are some of the common mistakes made when putting together video content. Sometimes the best way to learn is to see "What Not To Do"! 1. The Uptalk - This is epidemic nowdays! What exactly is it? It's when a person ends every sentence with a question inflection. Whenever I hear uptalk, it always reminds me of the girl in American Pie (hence why I start with the Band Camp line). Whenever someone speaks to me in Uptalk, I think "Is that a question or a statement". Think how that effects your video viewers! 2. The Bad Angle - Another common mistake is to film with the camera below your face. Ooo, that chin, those nostrils! Listen, no one looks good at that angle. Ok, maybe a 22 year old model but even then, it's pushing it. Bring that camera up to eye level or above! 3. The Um & Uh's - oh dear, this one is bad. At best, it makes you seem unsure of yourself. At worse, people tune you out. The Remedy: practice, practice, practice! 4. The "On The Go" - there seems to be an urgency to get every thought in your head out right away. Which means tons of quick videos out there that make the viewer dizzy. If you need to get a video, make sure to stop, keep it steady.. and turn the camera horizontally! 5. "What are you looking at?" Eye contact. Everyone loves it. I know, it's tough to focus on that little camera, but it makes it sooo much better. Your viewer thinks you actually care about them! 6. The Clown - This one is for you ladies. Ok, for you guys too, if it fits. Yes, you will need a little more makeup for the camera. But not THAT much! PS. It took me forever to get that off my face after I filmed this video! Want more tips? Check out the How To Give Great Video Online Training. In just one hour you'll pick up a ton of information including:
  • The 360 Approach – How to look and sound your best on video
  • Presentation & speaking tips
  • Setting goals & focus of video
  • How to be your best fun authentic self on video
  • Finding your video comfort level
  • Dealing with panic
  • Setting up your own Broadcast Tower


Oh The Places You Should Go – #Venice – #MiaOnTheGo


Click on the interactive map to see all the spots you need to visit!

  As part of the #MiaOnTheGo Experiential Ambassadorship, we present the "Oh The Places You Should Go" Travel Blog Series: Tales of Italy - a media coverage trip that included amazing sights, food, wine, stories, new faces, real life meetups, adventures and connection. Big shout of thanks to the amazing Brand Sponsors Winerist. Pio Dal Cin and Casa Chiesi Next Up: Venice DSC_7714 (2)
Even in bad weather, Venice is a sight to behold. My Italian Ambassador, Pio Dal Cin continued the Veneto region tour with a full day of fabulous!  Venezia is a city of 117 islands that is steeped in a turbulent & fabulous history. Even in rainy weather, it’s fantastic!DSC_7710 Located in the region of Veneto, the entire city (including the lagoon) is listed as a World Heritage Site. What does that mean in real time? As a tourist, it means that every single thing you see, touch and walk on is of historical importance. I mean, come on, this is the birthplace of Vivaldi – talk about historical. Favorite Spots: #Burano - When it comes to this little island, I can't do better than the description from Pio, a local Local! 
"Burano is the real essence of a Venetian experience. In this part of the Venetian Lagoon is where it all 2015-03-26 11.48.41started.Call it "Native Venice" call it (like I love to do) a photographers' and painters' Paradise. As you walk around in this wonder, you'll smell the fresh seafood, the freshly baked bread and pastry. You'll see older women knitting in an old fashioned way that is taught from generation to generation on a mother-daughter way that is not written anywhere for it is an island's secret. Next time you'll visit Venice, make the effort of taking a water bus (vaporetto) and plan to spend a whole day here. Quiet and silence broken only by the daily noises of the fishermen and the people doing their trades. The light will change the contrast and the warmth of colours as the day grows older and if you did not bring that extra battery for your camera you'll realize how much you are going to need it, for you'll have a thousand and more in less that two hours. Every corner here is a story, a shade, a colour, a situation worth the capture. At the end of the day visit #Venissa from #Bisol  just across the bridge on the Island of Mazzorbo"
DSC_7541 Speaking of Mazzorbo!  We were able to tour my new favorite place in the world: Venissa, the brainchild of winemaker Gialuca Bisol (yes, that same Bisol that I visited in Valdobbiadene)  Mateo of Bisol was so gracious to tour us through this DSC_7476 hidden gem. The island has a 13th Century monastery, vineyard that produces the amazing Dorona, derived from the Golden Grape from the age of the Venetian Doges. This grape variety almost became extinct and after centuries of history, only a few of the vines were left and reclaimed by the Bisol family. The vineyard, hotel & restaurant that celebrates every part of the island. We had DSC_7646lunch at the Venissa restaurant which was unbelievable! The fish and seafood are of the highest quality, combined with fantastic seasonal vegetables that are mostly grown in Venissa's own organic garden, or on farms on nearby Sant'Erasmo island. And then there is this... Venissa is Zombie Proof Now, back to the Venice that everyone knows: Grand Canal – What a water drive! On all sides, there is nothing but architectural eye candy. Even normal homes appear to be a museum. Since this is a massive historical sight everything is old and cool as shit. How’s that for a verbal explanation of one of the most amazing cities in Italy and Europe. As an American in Italy, it really was an overwhelmingly beautiful place to behold. 
2015-03-26 16.25.25

Venice Shiny

2015-03-26 16.30.21

More Venice Shiny

2015-03-26 16.32.32

More Venice Fabulous

                        St. Marks – The most touristy of tourist spots yet I still felt like I was in my own little world of history. Fueled by stories from Pio and Lisa (an art major from the area, how lucky to have her along) as well as the tales told in the documentary I watched prior to my trip, this is one crazy ass place to visit. The Jewel of Western Civilization hides a scary past of violence. The Bridge of Sighs always held a draw for me ever since seeing A Little Romance back when I was a teenager. And then you hear the story of why it’s called that; the last view for prisoners on their way to the  on his way to execution. Coined by Lord Byron as a translation from the Italian "Ponte dei sospiri" in the 19th century, comes from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice.  St. Marks Basilica itself and the surrounding area was a sight to behold! 20150326_162921-PANO (1) My cats Bob & Lily decided they wanted to hang out here in the Astral Cat Plane at the Bridge of Sighs ODSC_7747nce you venture away from the canals, the city itself is a maze of side streets, shops and restaurants that is beyond comprehension. Winding our way back to our drop off spot, you almost forget you are in Venice until you happen upon a canal. Seriously, this city is as authentic as it looks in photos, movies & ancient lore. NEXT UP.... ROME!

Mothers Day can be tough for some.

How to handle Mothers Day when your mom is less than stellar. (Trigger alert for those of you with a background of childhood abuse) First of all, shoutout to all the great moms out there. There are so many and I know so many! Kudos to you, you are what makes the world go ‘round. #ForRealsies Well this may not be a popular thing to post but I know there are people out there with parents who are jerks. You are not alone. I’m not sure what the law of averages is for the number of jerks in the world but I’m sure many of them are parents. Now before you get all judgy on me, hear me out why I say that about my mom. I didn’t always think this way about her. I was ALWAYS a mama’s girl from day one. My parents were on the outs by the time I was born and the story goes that she said “this one is mine” (which is what my name means) when I arrived, the last of 3 children. My parents were divorced by the time I was 2 and unfortunately, my mother married a horribly abusive man who made life a living hell until I moved out at 17. My siblings and I didn’t tell our mother about a lot of the abuse until we were grown, which included mental, physical and sexual abuse that began when we were very young.  In 2001, hallelujah, she left him! I finally felt like I had a real family I could be proud of. But 8 years ago she chose to remarry the man who had systematically abused me and my siblings for years. BOOM, out of the blue, she calls me to say she was getting back together with him and her consolation was that “she wouldn’t bring him to family events”. Hmm, well that’s just awesome, right?  I was going through a divorce at the time so I was already in a raw emotional place. I remember sitting at my kitchen table, staring out the window and listening to her justify her choice. I said “Ok, Mom, let me call you back.”  I never did. I still haven’t. I wish I had a better reason for her choice. Honestly, I think it came down to a fear of being alone.   Now, I realize this an extreme case of “that’s the worst story I’ve ever heard” but I’ve been blessed with friends and relatives who more than make up for having a mom who made a really shitty choice. I have no children of my own (by choice) and plan on getting my friends’ children to take care of me when I start edging towards crazytown. I envision my own little tiny house on one of the kids’ properties where Crazy Aunt Mia can sit in her rocking chair, blasting 80’s music, with a large recycle bin nearby for my wine bottles.

I'll have to remove one chair for my recycling bin. Image courtesy of HGTV

  So, back to you, my fellow “I have a shitty parent” person, I know that social media can be excruciating on these days. And let’s face it, you don’t want to rain on people’s Happy Family Parade! Personally, this year I reverted to posting a video of me sprinkling my cats ashes in Venice - I figured there were cat moms out there who would appreciate it. So, I offer you hope and understanding. There will always be a sting a sense of feeling left out but celebrating friends who are good moms, and THEIR moms brings me tremendous joy. (And if you have kids of your own, celebrate that you are a great parent!) I have faith in humanity when I see others who are good parents and have good parents. But know you are not alone if yours is not.
healing heart

How about a healing heart hug...

Oh The Places You Should Go: #Treviso #Veneto #MiaOnTheGo


Click on the interactive map to see all the spots you need to visit!

As part of the #MiaOnTheGo Experiential Ambassadorship, we present the "Oh The Places You Should Go" Travel Blog Series: Tales of Italy - a media coverage trip that included amazing sights, food, wine, stories, new faces, real life meetups, adventures and connection. Big shout of thanks to the amazing Brand Sponsors Casa Chiesi and Winerist Next Up: Treviso & Veneto!  

Fashion Forward with Pio

After touching ground in Milan and digging in for a few days, I ventured west to the region of Veneto in Prosecco Country! This 2nd leg of my journey was the busiest part of the journey, all thanks to my Italian Ambassador, Pio Dal Cin. I met Pio on Google Plus two years ago and we’ve been plotting my trip to Italy since then so this venture into his home region was beyond exciting! Thanks to Pio, I had thorough tour of the Veneto Region. Geographically, here's the breakdown for Italy: Cities are located in Provinces which are located in Regions, in the country of Italy.  For Americans, it equates to a city, in a county, in a state in the US. Simple, right?! 
The region of Veneto is situated in Italy's northeast and extends from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea, by way of an expansive range of hills and a valley furrowed by rivers, canals and the Po River Delta.  The Province of Treviso is still called by its ancient name “Marca,” a Medieval term used to indicate the borderlands that during the First World War were the backdrop for heroic events. The area is marked by the waters of the Piave, Sile and Livenza Rivers, charming fluvial landscapes that intermingle with pretty hills and thriving fields that are dotted with elegant and stately homes. 

Celebrating Proscecco Country

2015-03-24 13.45.20 - Copy

Seafood - it never gets old!

Ca Del Poggio in Conegliano – Ooooo, an amazing hotel, resort AND restaurant – all in one spot and placed atop a hill with the most amazing views. After traveling from Denver to New York City to Milan, the Treviso region, and Ca del Poggio in particular, was quite a welcome treat. The hotel itself was spectacular – classic design with new interior finishes. The lobby and breakfast room and patio are amazing – EVERY spot in the hotel has a fantastic vista view. We had the privilege of to spend time with the restaurant staff which included a kitchen tour – the most amazing behind the scenes view followed by a fantastic fresh seafood lunch. This is where I realized that every dish consumed in Italy has a story and a purpose. Each chef I met put such care into the food. Luckily, the fat pants were not needed.. YET!
DSC08843 (1)

The best seat in the house

Villa Toderini – Codognè -  a delightful 18th Century Villa that’s been turned into the most lovely bed & breakfast tucked right in the middle of town! Pier Luca and his wife Viviana are warm & welcoming – the ultimate hosts! The daily breakfast was waaay beyond the usual B&B fare – the fat pants were sitting on the side waiting. In case you are Agriturismo - a combination of the words for "agriculture" and "tourism" in Italian - is a style of vacationing in farm house resorts codified into Italian law in 1985. An agriturismo vacation is suitable for the whole family and some places even be very romantic or luxurious.   Wineries & Restaurants
mia 88


Winery Andrea Da Ponte – a family owned Prosecco & Grappa business. You MUST visit this distillery! Ella Fabris is the sister force behind Daponte. Her passion for grappa & prosecco is contagious! OH, and here’s another treat – DaPonte is one of first one to pioneer environmental sustainability in its production processes, starting from the installation, in 1983, of biomass boilers;. I’m excited to see them again in October during the harvest season. 

A room with a view

Bisol – Prosecco in the heart of Valdobbiadene in the hills of Cartizze (some of the highest price vine acres you’ll find in Europe). Michaela and Valentino were our guides for the day and I got to tour the entire facility which really put a fun spin on “How It’s Actually Made” – makes you appreciate everything from the bottle to the label to that little wire cage that goes over the cork! Our guide Valentino shared an amazing amount of information during the tour - suffice it say, the company and land are steeped in rich history. The land has been in their family for 21 generations – amazing! And Valentino has a wicked sense of humor which really made the tour so fun. Bisol is one of the leading producers of #ProseccoSuperioreDOCG   a "niche" Prosecco that is exported in 70 Countries around the world with over one million bottles a year and for the first time this year has surpassed champagne in export. And, of course, we had a wine tasting at the end including a fabulous organic wine.  DELIGHTFUL! 

Da Lino's Famous Copper Pots

Da Lino A hotel/restaurant famous for the copper pans hanging from the ceiling! A charming spot where many Italiantheater actors visted, this spot in the town of Solighetto. The area feels like it’s set back in time.. in a good way! I went regional and had the fegato alla veneziana  aka liver venetian style. So glad I did!  Incredibly tasty. But nothing topped the tour of the wine cellar –it was a wine mecca.  #Heaven Ristorante Mela Cotogne – Codogne:  A charming little unassuming restaurant that bases their menu on the local herbs. Since I’m from Colorado (but don’t imbibe), I of course had to translate that meaning! I loved how the wait staff explained each dish and the herb components. Codognè Latteria di Roverbasso – wow, they sure know how to cut the cheese at the local "Latteria" aka Cheese Factory of Roverbasso where eleven million liters of milk are processed every year. The production of the cheese translates into 196K rounds of cheese every year or 600 rounds per day.  Other Sights to See:

More Clinkies!

  Teatro Accedemia Theater – Giorgio Fabris, brother of Ella, owns two amazing theaters in Conegliano –one is a new state of the art theater and the other is a classic theatrical center that is breathtaking. Both are the heartbeat of the town!    

Can't wait to return to Codognè

Special thanks to the Mayor of Codognè, Roberto Bet. He and his amazing wife Lisa welcomed me to the town with a city flag, a lovely ceramic apple (that doubles as a fabulous whistle!) and books on the town history. I’m brainstorming to figure out a way to find a sister city for Codogne here in Colorado!      
DSC_7714 (1)

View the full photo album here - #EyeCandy

Up next … Venice!

Weirdo at a Networking Event – A Story for #Introverts & #Ambiverts

So there was this big networking event that happened here in Denver recently. The host was one of my favorites in the social media world (Joel Comm) and featured one of my favorites in the social media world (Chris Brogan) who was also the reason I started my YouTube Show. And guess what. I didn’t wanna go. Because I’m a weirdo. Ok, actually I'm an ambivert (an outgoing introvert) but sometimes it feels like being a weirdo. Which means that usually by the time Friday night rolls around, I’m eyeing the PJ’s by 6pm, Netflix (or a good book) is queued up, and I'm fixin' to enjoy some #YayWine time. Mia’s Ambivert/Weirdo Facts:
  • People wear me out but I love hearing stories and talking to people.
  • I’m known for being outgoing which leaves me feeling all “mixed-message-y”.
  • I love parties and visits with friends but can’t wait for my alone time.
  • I often feel like I don’t fit in, but I love people who do.
So, back to the big networking event aka:  Social Media Shenanigans Meetup with Joel Comm & Chris Brogan 4/24 - I knew I was tired and talked-out since I had broadcast my show that morning and had also appeared on another show.  But I also thought: 'no way can I miss out on this – Joel has worked hard to put it together and brought some kickasserole people together". I had also been asked to interview people during the last hour of the event  (the drunk hour, how could I miss out on THAT?!) SO, here’s where the magic happened. I showed up and when you show up, good shiz shows up too! I reconnected with old contacts, hugged up on friends, met new friends, met a few people who have watched my show (that was neato) and CONNECTED. Which would NOT have happened if I stayed on the couch in my pj’s. (At least as far as I know)  And then of course, guest speaker Chris Brogan talked about being a weirdo (I mean, come on, the guy DID write “The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth" - Duh!) Boom, once again I was reminded to get outside my Ambivert Comfort Zone and JUST SHOW UP.  And I got to give Chris a big bear hug of thanks for being an inspiration. Since I subscribe to Chris’ newsletter, I received a great info bomb in my Inbox this morning. I won’t give away all the juicy details (because you too should subscribe to Chris – he sends the best newsletters every Sunday morning)  but here’s a little tidbit:
Actions You Can Take: Every single day, if you could have even a baseline of using media and community to earn more customers, could you do just these three things?
  1. Create some piece of content, however brief, that helps someone else move the ball forward in some way? It can be two hundred words on a blog post: “How to fix that leaky faucet without our expert plumbers.” 
  2. Look around and see if there’s even one person you can help (not necessarily a customer, but someone you can help). (There’s always someone looking for something at The Secret Team.)
  3. Promote someone other than yourself for the great work they do. 
Listen, I'm not a plumber (no plumbers crack here) but hopefully this helped someone out there who is an ambivert or introvert. Here's my final advice:
  • Go forth and Celebrate Your Weirdo
  • Get out of your comfort zone. AOAFP (as often as @#$ing possible!)
HUGE shout of thanks to Joel Comm for pulling off that shindig! I know you had a good team of peeps helping but you are the reason it came together so well, so fast, so fabulously! CDaFc2MUsAA0qqP (1)   And here's how I'll be for the remainder of the weekend: introvert-social-hangover

Oh The Places You Should Go: #Milan #MiaOnTheGo


Click on the interactive map to see all the spots you need to visit!

  As part of the #MiaOnTheGo Experiential Ambassadorship, we present the "Oh The Places You Should Go" Travel Blog Series: Tales of Italy - a media coverage trip that included amazing sights, food, wine, stories, new faces, real life meetups, adventures and connection. Big shout of thanks to the amazing Brand Sponsors Casa Chiesi and Winerist First up in the series: Milan!

What a fun way to start the trip. Milan is an incredibly exciting city that's on the verge of an exciting 2015 as the city will be hosting the Expo Milano, a 5 month long event beginning in late April, showcasing businesses & innovators with the focus on "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". My Milan Ambassadors were the amazing Nazim Beltran and Elisabetta Chiesi of Casa Chiesi - a kick ass husband & wife team! Nazim is a US expat who's been in Italy for 25 years with his lovely wife Betti (and daughter Zoe). Their lifestyle 2015-04-06 11.48.23blog, Casa Chiesi, is an amazing compilation of photos, blogposts and YouTube programming that showcases Milan and Camogli in the Liguria region.  What better hosts than this family! Check out the moments & the Oh The Places You Should Go spots in Milan: 2015-04-07 17.23.26 Duomo Milano - One of the largest cathedrals in the world, this iconic masterpiece took over 600 years to complete.          2015-04-07 17.51.52Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II -  considered to be one of the first most luxurious, shopping malls in the world.  And check out the spinning on the Bull's Balls - a "good luck tradition"     10394778_10205857820621117_1121678968709919406_n Dinner at Biliardo Osterio - an amazing restaurant & pool hall. Fantastic Milanese fare, family atmosphere and, of course, billiards. I loved how various tables were playing cards and backgammon. And of course, the bar was packed too. Such a great place to celebrate my last day of 49!       2015-04-07 14.19.25Corey's Soul Chicken: you read it right - fabulous fried chicken in the heart of Milan!     
2015-03-21 09.59.10-2

Click here for more great pics & videos!

  #MiaOnTheGo YouTube Makeover Show with Betti (who is a high fashion makeup artist) and her talented hair styled friend Karine gave me an age appropriate live makeover!
2015-04-07 09.43.04

My last coffee in Milan - sad to go!

2015-03-23 11.40.12-1

Milan Centrale is considered to be one of the most beautiful European train stations, built in 1864.

  Now on to the next leg!

Off to Venice & Treviso - Prosecco Country

Whew! Tons of great memories! #MiaOnTheGo


The Last Supper #MiaOnTheGo

It's hard to say "arrivederci" . . . and not just because my Italian is so bad! This has been the trip of a lifetime, and though there's no place like home, it's good to know I have "family" in such a beautiful place. I'll be back!

Looking Like A Local #MiaOnTheGo

April 5, 2015; Mia Voss I'm looking pretty settled in here, huh? Me and Betti Chiesi – just a couple of locals at La Bossa, in Camogli, a small seaside town off the coast of the Mediterranean. And we were joined by Gabriele, the sommelier and manager of the restaurant. This shot was actually taken right before we filmed the latest episode of #FoodAndBooze, a YouTube program that showcases restaurants around the world. Stay tuned for the link - the aperativs and wine served were aaahhhmazing. And right before the show taping, Gabriele demonstrated how to make pesto. Needless to say, we were all a happy bunch!2015-04-04 16.54.39    

Where in the World is Mia Voss #MiaOnTheGo

April 4, 2015; Mia Voss Where_Is_Mia_040415Let me tell ya' folks, it was EARLY when I dragged my tired self onto a train this morning. Like, dark early.  But, I'm not complaining . . . although I'm pretty sure the Italians think I'm a homeless American. This is my last weekend here, and it's not going to be easy to leave.  This trip has been everything I dreamed, and more. I'm flipping through the photo albums and am already "homesick" for this country.  Here are just a couple – from Milan and my Latte Vino visit with Pio.  So many good memories! But wait. I still have a few more days here.  Gotta' go!


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