Social Media Power Chat with Michael Q Todd, Ileane Smith and Dustin Stout talking about Blogging and Triberr

This Social Media Power Chat is chock full of #BatCrapCrazy! I am surrounded by social media superstars like Michael Q Todd, Ileane Smith and Dustin Stout. We dished on everything from Empire Avenue, Klout, Blogging and Triberr. This is what Google Plus Hangouts are all about people!

Let’s get right to it! Todays awesome guests  featuring  the always amazing Michael Q Todd the Empire Avenue extraordinaire coming from Japan, Ileane Smith our blogging coach out of Philadelphia and Dustin Stout our Google Plus and blogging Hottie out of Cali!

The first bit of juicy social media information comes from Google of course. Ileane Smith tells us that Youtube now officially has Google Plus comments. If you comment on a Youtube video you can mention Google Plus users and share directly to Google Plus via comments. Dustin Stout mentions that the Trolls are the ones who will least like this massive change. Dustin brings up the comment by one of the founders of Youtube, check out his comment.


Dustin Stout is first up and he talks about his Blogging Challenge. He launches a Google Plus hangout OnAir where he invites guest bloggers live OnAir to blog as many blog posts as possible in a one hour time limit. The goal is to get as many blog drafts completed in one hour as humanly possible and each blog post must have an image. After one hour Dustin invites everyone back into the hangout to check on the results. The best of all time was six blog posts in one hour! My take is that this is a great way to force us to sit down and write blog posts.

Ileane, reminds us what Dino Dogan founder of Triberr said, “If you do not have a blog you do not have a voice”. Blogging is a powerful medium! Michael Q Todd says, “blogging is your voice and people will recognize you as a person of value instead of just a voice in the crowd”. There was a question about how much content a blogger produce in the beginning? Ileane says, “you should be blogging at a minimum once every ten days”. Michael says, “it is a habit, get into the routine just like brushing your teeth”. Dustin says, “You don’t need to overwhelm yourself in the beginning, just prepare some content for people to consume”.

What form of blogging is best? There are written blogs, podcasts and vlogs (video blogging). Dustin says, “everybody consumes content in different ways”. Some people like to read, others like to watch videos while others like to just listen. Dustin says he has used Soundcloud to record himself reading his blog posts to make it into an audio recording. Others make a video first, then have someone transcribe the audio into a written blog post. How awesome is that? Ileane says, “start out with whatever is the easiest for you”. For Vlogs if you are nervous about making videos try out Google Plus Hangouts OnAir, it is so easy to start.

What does a new blogger do to get there content pimped out? One word, Triberr! Michael Q Todd says, “Triberr is Pillar six in his guide,  “7 Pillars Book”. Triberr is a way to collaborate with other bloggers and have your content shared. The best part is that your audience and your tribe mates audience are shared. Ileane was the one who made me a video about how to use Triberr! Ileane says, “Triberr is mainly for bloggers, but your Youtube RSS can be set up on Triberr now”. With Triberr your posts can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and of course Google Plus. Check out Ileane’s videos on how to use Triberr here. Michael says, “you can now edit your Tweets”. Triberr is always making updates to make the community better.

Michael Q Todd goes into why you should also be using Empire Avenue to help you get a little spark for your content. If you have great content it may go viral. Michael says, “Empire Avenue and Triberr could be the little push you need to help your content go viral”. Michael is willing to help those who  need someone to help manage Empire Avenue accounts. If you are not on Empire Avenue, what are you waiting for?

Everyones Empire Avenue accounts:


Time for some #BatCrapCrazy!

-First up is Dustin and he is #BatCrapCrazy for PressGram, think Instagram without the, “we own your photos thing”. The photos that you produce are published directly to your WordPress site. Instead of someone else owning your content, you do!

-Ileane is #BatCrapCrazy for Google Drive. The abilities of Google Drive seem endless. The tool of all tools!

-Michael Q Todd is #BatCrapCrazy for Foursquare! His community is up to one thousand, it is networking on steroids. He now spends up to 25% of his social media time on Foursquare.

-My #BatCrapCrazy is, “Going Home Animal Transport”. Rescuing puppies from around the county. I am also #BatCrapCrazy for my new show with Christine Degraff, “15 Minutes with Christine and Mia“.

So if you are looking to take your blog to the next level, listen to what these blogging superstars are saying. This social media power chat was chock full of blogging, Triberr, Empire Avenue, tools and motivation to give your blog that little kick!

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